Vintagechic78’s blog nothing special about me but I have some stories to tell. You wont be disapointed well maybe a little but it will not always be so.

Michelle Cervantez 42 from Indiana Mother of 4 daughters and married for 21 years (and goofball)

Hi here are some fun facts about my life thus far

  • I am 42
  • I have four daughter
  • one is 21 one is 20 one is 16 and one is 15
  • I am married
  • Have been for 21 years
  • I am a glutton for punishment many times
  • i am a giver
  • I love to help
  • it bites me in my ass everytime
  • I got my ged in 2008 got enrolled in class for college in 2009
  • I got my bachelor degree in 2013
  • I put myself on back burner
  • not anymore ladies
  • I have been through alot so I feel as if I am almost expert. lol